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Elite's latest addition is our new infra-red sauna.  Our sauna will be available for members to reserve and utilize during normal working hours of 8 am to 5 pm.  Check back for progress updates and our go live date!

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Infra-red Sauna
20 min

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The Montana boasts ample Interior Space for full freedom of movement while stretching and complete relaxation when reclining. The Huge 6' 3" rear bench allows for most people to lie down fully and the horseshoe seating design provides spacious seating for 4-5 adults comfortably.​

Check out the benefits of Infra-red Sauna technology!


  • ZERO Rated EMF Nano-Carbon™ Far Infrared Heater Panels

  • Thickest Walls in the Sauna Industry (10mm)

  • Triple shielded wiring for maximum EMF protection

  • Tek-Sun-Warmwall™ for faster warm up time

  • Maximum Number of Heater Panels allowing a 360° Sauna Experience

  • Bronze Privacy tempered glass door

  • Flo-Thru/Removable Bench Seats are ideal for hot yoga practice and stretching

  • Interior Cabins feature added depth and nearly 6 feet interior height for ample comfort

  • New for 2019! FM/USB Tuner-Now with Bluetooth!

  • High Resolution 5 1/4" Pioneer speakers

  • 30-Hour Programmable Timer for your convenience

  • Hideaway Oxygen Ionizer

  • 3 Stage Adjustable Reading Lights

  • New 7 Color High Volume Chromotherapy Lights

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